Konyv: A ceg

Konyv: A ceg



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A sophisticated piece of hardware is useless without the software that brings it to life. Computer engineers introduce intelligence into every conceivable device from the smart phone that you cannot live without, to massive industrial control systems that power economies. They create the electronic systems in a modern car containing dozens of computing systems communicating through a network. They connect the physical world with cyberspace to enhance everything from entertainment to healthcare and the environment. CEG "konyv: A ceg" you the skills and knowledge to engineer exciting solutions that move as well as change the world. A uniquely multi-disciplinary programme, CEG transcends the traditional boundary of computer science and electrical engineering. The curriculum aims to bring real-world problems, solutions, and experiences into the university environment. You will have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge through a unique Full-Year industrial attachment, and through overseas work or learning experience. With the solid fundamentals that the NUS Computer Engineering degree will give you, only imagination and ambition will be your limits. The konyv: A ceg of technology and how it impacts on human society is very strongly entwined in konyv: A ceg software and hardware work together seamlessly. And for that, a strong and rigourous understanding of both realms is fundamental. The Computer Engineering programme is unique with its rigour in combining computer science and electrical engineering, and prepares graduates to contribute towards realising and innovating in a device and computational rich and connected world. As we embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, the role of the computer engineer continues to grow as they are part of the very change-makers that is fuelling this paradigm change. They are strongly rooted in good fundamentals, have the tenacity to keep pushing till they see success and are really awesome teammates to work with!

The NUS Computer Engineering programme equips engineers with the skills of software engineering combined with systems thinking. The graduates are as such well equipped to contribute not only towards developing products but to also contribute towards konyv: A ceg design and architecture of the entire solution "konyv: A ceg" systems. This is a critical and useful skill when an engineer is deep in the trenches programming and working on a module. We have had the fortune to work with some world class engineers who are graduates of this programme. Vinod Vasnani Founder, Qryptal. The fact that we could directly impact the societal konyv: A ceg with our inventions and creations was an eye-opener for all of us. This inspired us to invent, create and enhance the lives of common citizens through start-up initiatives and new ideas. The opportunities that NUS has provided for me have nurtured my character and prepared me for the working world. In this programme, I am able to connect with people who have similar interests and learn with them. As I look back on my previous years as an NUS student, CEG has been a holistic course which has brought me much fulfilment and I cannot be more pleased with how I spent these few years.

The journey had been amazing and led me to gain very crucial skills that allowed me to found my own startup, Markedshot. I would also like to thank all the professors and teaching assistants who helped shape me into who I am today. A technology instructor with a passion to learn and the ability to inspire the younger generation. Because only then will one be able to change the world. The multi-disciplinary aspect of Computer Engineering is the first thing that got me really excited about this course. The CG-coded modules are newly designed while keeping in mind the present-day applications of Computer Engineering, along with covering the essential basics. These basics help me in my job as I build a large Infrastructure for Viki and as a Systems Engineer at Twitter in the past. It exposes me to both hardware and software aspect of technology which allows me to appreciate the technology stack in its entirety. This forms the fundamentals which is relevant to any technology roles as a career. Being in my current role, I need to have a good grasps of the basic in order to effectively evaluate, execute, monitor and report on IT processes and procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with established IT control policies and standards. Lifelong learning is an attitude that is cultivated during my CEG days given konyv: A ceg technological advances - this has become part and parcel of how I move my career forward. Some examples include certification training, as well as on-the-job training. Past graduate employment surveys have consistently shown that computer engineers have some of the highest employment rate and starting pay among all graduates.

Here are some of the exciting companies that our past computer engineering graduates are employed in:. As you can see, the computer engineering programme gives our graduate the flexibility of building a career in the IT industry or in other industries. From our contact konyv: A ceg employers, they value the skills we teach to our graduates even if they are not in the IT industry. Curriculum at a Glance. What will you become? What will you do? Employment Survey. Apply Now. What is CEG? Why CEG? From the Employers. From our Alumni. A Leader. A Teacher. A Change Maker. CEG aims to make you: a technical expert who can solve complex real-world problems in computer engineering a critical thinker who can analyse difficult issues and make hard decisions an effective leader who can communicate, lead, and nurture diverse teams a resourceful lifelong learner Does this konyv: A ceg your vision of who YOU want to be? What will you do after graduation?

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