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A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. The Leftovers Tom Perrotta. Transform this Plot Summary into a Study Guide. The Leftovers is a novel by Tom Perrotta. It follows the lives of several characters, and explains what life on earth is like after an apocalyptic event, some three years ago, on October 14th, resulted in a small percentage of the entire population disappearing from the face of the Earth. There is also the question of why certain people were taken away, while others were left behind. The novel was adapted into a television show by HBO, which premiered in The event was called "konyv: The Leftovers" Rapture by some people, while others refuse to attach religious significance to it. Some people had theories about the how or why it happened, questions no one had been able to answer, while most people were simply at a loss to explain it. Nonetheless, everyone agreed that the leftovers, those people whose loved ones had disappeared, had it the worst. Their entire worlds had been turned upside down and inside out, and they were stuck in limbo.

The story begins in on one small town in Mid-America, Mapleton, and considers the impact that the Sudden Departure had on its residents. His wife, Laurie, eventually became swept up in the chaos caused by the Sudden Departure and joined a cult called the Guilty Remnant. This began as a support group, where Laurie and others like her could express their fears and grief and sense of guilt with others. But the group began to take on a more sinister character. Laurie takes a vow of silence and does not speak a word, while she acts as a Watcher within the group. She must follow konyv: The Leftovers individuals around town and stare at them, to "konyv: The Leftovers" them that God is always watching. Soon after these developments in the Guilty Remnant, Laurie cut off konyv: The Leftovers contact with her family. He, too, joined a cult, this one called The Healing Hug. The leader of this cult claimed other-worldly healing powers, specifically the ability to take away the pain of the Sudden Departure for his followers by absorbing it himself.

Tom follows the cult for a while, cutting off all contact konyv: The Leftovers his family. Bu as time passes, Tom begins to realise that the charismatic leader, named Holy Wayne, is a corrupt manipulater who exploits his female followers for sexual favours. Christine runs away, leaving the baby with Tom, who follows konyv: The Leftovers blindly, hoping she will want a future with him. She is a leftover, who witnessed her girlfriend disappear right in front of her eyes while she was sitting next to Jill. Jill was traumatised by October 14th, and on top of that, she misses her mother and brother. Before the event, she was a conservative, straight A student, but now she is taking up with Aimee, whointroduces her to another kind of life, filled with drinking, drugs, and sex. Kevin begins seeing Nora, who lost her husband and two children on the Day of Departure. She prefers to ignore the past, and keeps Kevin at a safe distance. She tries to distract herself from her grief but nothing works. Kevin worries about his own family and his role as a husband and father. He worries about his children and wife, but he is also the Mayor of Mapleton, and must deal with three suspicious homicides that were committed just after the Sudden Departure. Kevin finally hears from Tom, and is grateful that Jill has returned to him. Related summaries: books by Tom Perrotta Mrs.

The Leftovers. And some were left behind? Following the sudden disappearance of thousands of citizens, Kevin Garvey, Mapleton's new mayor, wants to bring a sense of hope to his traumatised community, but his family has fallen apart in the wake of disaster. Kevin's wife has joined a homegrown cult, and his son konyv: The Leftovers a disciple of the prophet Holy Wayne. Only Jill, Kevin's daughter, remains, and she's no longer the sweet student she once was. Hűségprogrammal elérhető ár: Ft. Elérhetőség: Nincs készleten. Fire and Blood George R. Nightflyers and Other Stories George R. Cholera-napló Fábián Janka. A könyvkötő Bridget Collins. Az Arab Arab 1. Borsa Brown. Hátrahagyottak Tom Perrotta. Borsa Brown Ft. Kelényi Angelika Ft. Blanka Lipinska Ft. Richard Osman Ft. Fábián Janka Ft. Bosnyák Viktória Ft. Esther Perel Ft. Ambrus "Konyv: The Leftovers" Ft. Jasper DeWitt Ft. Bucsi Mariann Ft. Julia Quinn Ft. Agatha Christie Ft. Quentin Tarantino Ft. Margaret Atwood Ft. Jennifer L. Armentrout Ft. Philip K. Dick Ft. Abbi Waxman Ft. James Ellroy Ft. Indrek Hargla Ft. Jodi Taylor Ft. Fekete István Ft. Corine Gantz Ft. Karen Kingsbury Ft. Sofi Oksanen Ft. Nina Laurin Ft. Iratkozz fel a BOOK24 hírlevélre és értesülj elsőként újdonságainkról, akcióinkról! Feliratkozom a hírlevélre és elfogadom a hírlevélküldésre vonatkozó adatkezelési tájékoztatót. Vásároljon Book